Exchange 2007 – Test Service Health Post Update


  1. Update
  2. Rollups
  3. Reboot
  4. Verify Functionality

Verify Functionality

  1. After rebooting, run the following within the Exchange PowerShell Console:
    1. Test-ServiceHealth
  2. Validate that all services show True for started within the list
  3. If a service is not running, type the following command to start it:
    1. Net start <service name>
  4. Test-Mailflow
    1. Note that this will show if mailflow is working. (ISRemoteTest will not wok)
  5. Test-MAPIConnectivity
    1. This validates that Outlook can connect to exchange
  6. Open OWA in a web browser and confirm the following:
    1. Login
    2. Mail display
    3. Open the To… Field and verify that the address book shows the global catalog
  7. Test Email Relay Manually –
    1. Sent Outbound Email
    2. Respond back and confirm receipt
    3. Send Scan or Device Alert email manually – this tests SMTP mail flow

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