Windows Setup – 2TB Partition Limit in Windows – How to Overcome

Here are the steps:

  • Critical – BIOS Menu – Make sure the server is setup to boot from UEFI vs BIOS or this will not work
  • Critical – Boot – Make sure you boot with a GPT/EFI boot menu item (F11 for dell servers) – some media is not compatible with this
    • Windows CDs burned to disk are typically OK
    • Windows ISO images pressed to USB using rufus (see below)
      • MBR for BIOS or UEFI
      • MBR for UEFI
      • GPT for UEFI
      • ISO files loaded into Hyper-V
      • ISO files loaded into an iDRAC as remote media
  • In windows setup during the disk process, Hit SHIFT+F10 to bring you to the command prompt
    • C:\> diskpart <enter>
    • DISKPART> list disk
    • DISKPART> select disk 0
    • DISKPART> clean
    • DISKPART> convert gpt
  • From here, refresh the GUI Disk guide to see if it shows up. Attempt to create your partitions for your server
    • Typical is 80GB OS, 100% of free space for D:

I have an older version of this guide on SpiceWorks

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