Joining a Workstation (Windows 7) to a Zentyl Domain

  1. You may have to manually set the DNS of the workstation to the Domain Server if DHCP does not set this
  2. Ping the domain name (eg mydomain.local) and verify that it pings successfully. Note that it should be one of your domain servers.
  3. Make sure your clock is set properly
  4. Click on Start > (Right Click) Computer > Properties
  5. Click ‘Change Settings near the computer name
  6. Click on the ratio next to Domain and type the FQDN in:
  7. Click OK
  8. Enter your domain user and password in (This is set in the webmin for Zentyal under Domain / Users and computers / Administrator)
  9. You’re prompted to restart
  10. Reboot
  11. At login, you may have to do “Switch User” to get to the domain

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